Our Sustainability Programme Our Sustainability Programme


In cross-divisional workshops, Commerzbank Sustainability Management has developed the sustainability programme and formulated short, medium and long-term targets which the Bank is striving to implement. In the sections below you will find the full programme with its approximately 100 goals.

100 goals en route to becoming Germany's most sustainable commercial bank

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Sustainable Corporate Governance

Compliance: Fraud prevention and anti-corruption
1.1Ongoing validation and improvement of methods for the early identification of fraud risks, including the further development of data mining applications and decryption technologies in line with the requirements of data protection lawongoing
Compliance: Compliance management
1.2Establishment of a Global Financial Crime Unit by the end of 2017 in order to further improve the global exchange of information within the Financial Crime Organisation of the Commerzbank Group, carry out global investigations and projects in connection with financial crime and effectively address the globalisation of financial crime2017
1.3Revision and further development of the Group-wide compliance policy framework by the end of 20172017
1.4Establishment of compliance coordination functions in all segments to reduce business specific risks by 20182018
Compliance: Sanctions and embargos
1.5Development of coordinated standards between banks and supervisory authorities for the handling of payments for humanitarian projects in sanctioned countries (in the European Banking Federation) in compliance with the lawongoing
1.6Expansion of risk-based checks in the documentary credit business by 20182018
Data protection
1.7Close involvement of the data protection and data security units of Commerzbank from an early stage in the digital transformation of Commerzbank with the goal of making innovative technologies safely available in the context of digitalisationongoing
1.8Certification of the Commerzbank information security management system under the ISO 27001 standard by the end of 20182018
1.9Early implementation of the legal requirements under the EU Data Protection Regulation and the revised Group Data Protection Policy by 20182018
1.10Commerzbank actively contributes to working groups and initiatives to promote the development of data protection and information security in the industryongoing
Employees: Diversity and equal opportunity
1.11Inclusion of Commerzbank in the "Gender DAX" again in 20172017
1.12Funding of up to EUR 120,000 for activities of the eight employee networks in Commerzbankongoing
1.13Confirmation of the "Audit Beruf und Familie" (Career and Family Audit) in 20172017
1.14Development of a "Disability" action plan to promote inclusiveness in Commerzbank by 20182018
1.15Increasing the share of women in management positions to 17.5% on the first management level, 20% on the second management level, and 35% across all management levels by the end of 20212021
1.16Participation of 500 employees and managers in the Commerzbank diversity events by 20182018
Employees: Health and safety
1.17Performance of regular risk assessments in Commerzbank AG Germany in the context of a preventive approach to employees' psychological and physical healthongoing
1.18The Employee Assistance Programme (EAP), available to 100% of all employees of Commerzbank AG Germany and the 100% subsidiaries as well as dependants living in their households, provides comprehensive health advice in case of occupational and personal challengesongoing
1.19Availability of a regular health check-up for 100% of senior staff of Commerzbank AG Germany in the form of a thorough one-day medical examinationongoing
Employees: Employee engagement
1.20Secondment of up to 1,000 employees from across the Bank to the Digital Campus by 2018 for direct participation in shaping Commerzbank 4.02018
1.21Development and implementation of conditions for Working World 4.0 by 2020, for example the adaptation of personnel management instruments, shared leadership, increased working time flexibility, technology for mobile work2020
1.22Regular management and employee surveys and assessment of possible recommendations for action, in particular the Bank-wide employee survey in 2017 on strategy, corporate culture, employee attitudes, etc.2017 (ongoing)
Employees: Training and development
1.23Development of a training format to reinforce a "Culture of Integrity" throughout the Group by 20172017
1.24Ongoing development and adaptation of training formats with regard to new contents on trends and the related challenges, e.g. digitalisation, adaptability, including the adoption of modern learning methodsongoing
1.25Empowerment of 100% of employees working in the campus to use agile working methodsongoing
1.26100% of managers on levels 1 and 2 to be informed annually of political, economic, social and cultural megatrends within the framework of the management dialogue, including identification of measures in response to the megatrends for own areas of responsibility in cooperation with the Management Advisorongoing
Employees: Compensation and employee benefits
1.27Development of a systematic concept for inclusion of sustainability criteria in the selection and development of employee benefitsongoing
1.28Offer of pre-configured electric car for all employees entitled to a company carongoing
1.29Regular check of compensation system to ensure competitive and attractive conditions for employeesongoing
1.30Ensuring competitive compensation through the implementation of target group-based compensation brackets based on career levels and career paths ongoing
1.31Improvement of equal opportunities for men and women by enhancing the flexibility of the "Keep in Touch" modelongoing
Employees: Work-life balance
1.32Providing up to 2.6 million euros to implement measures in the interests of a better work-life balance for families in 20172017
1.33Implementation of measures for 100% of managers and employees to avoid the health risks of an "always on" working cultureongoing
1.34Completion of scientific evaluation of the quality services in Commerzbank childcare offerings by 20182018
Sustainability management: CR reporting and ratings
1.35Top 20% placement in the banking sector in sustainability ratings in Europe and the world by 20202020
1.36Expansion of active participation in important sustainability ratingsongoing
1.37Bring about full transparency on sustainability performance of material subsidiaries by 20202020
Participation in public policy development
1.38Establishing a regular stakeholder dialogue on social and economic issues in order to discuss the Bank's role in societyongoing
1.39Conducting an information event for analysts, rating agencies and representatives of NGOs by 2018 to highlight Commerzbank's participation in public policy development2018
Reputational risk management
1.40Expansion of internal training and awareness-raising measures on reputational risk managementongoing
1.41Regular updates of positions and directivesongoing
1.42Ongoing tracking of socially and environmentally relevant issues and processes and their inclusion where appropriate in reputational risk management (early recognition)ongoing
1.43Regular optimisation of reputational risk management strategy as part of overall risk strategyongoing
1.44Continual development of the voting and reporting processes of reputational risk managementongoing
1.45Intensified communication with relevant external stakeholders and NGOs on social and environmental risksongoing

Markets and Clients

Emissions trading
2.1Annual consultation for corporate clients on current international developments with regard to emissions trading and carbon pricing inside and outside the European Unionongoing
2.2Implementation of first advisory mandates on climate neutrality for Commerzbank clients in 20172017
2.3Promotion of supranational discussion and cooperation on carbon pricing standardsongoing
Helping to shape the energy transition
2.4Providing 2.5 billion euros for direct or indirect financing of renewable energy sources through new Commerzbank business by 20202020
2.5Actively working to inject the financial market perspective into discussions in forums and dialogue platforms relevant to the success of the energy transitionongoing
2.6Significantly improve transparency on existing public subsidy programmes with our corporate clients by the end of 20172017
2.7Significantly speed up the application process for public subsidy programmes by the end of 20182018
2.8Steadily expand the volume of loans disbursed to our corporate clients under the KfW energy efficiency programmeongoing
Financial inclusion
2.9Maintaining branch density in Germany: 70 percent of our clients are within 10 kms of the nearest Commerzbank branch.ongoing
2.10100% coverage with talking ATMs at Commerzbank branches by 20182018
2.11Using understandable and solution-oriented language in customer communications: continual improvement of communication tools and product information for customers with a minimum readability index based on the specific information category (basis: Hohenheim Understandability Index for German texts)ongoing
Green bonds
2.12Active support of development of the green bond market through regular implementation of and participation in workshops and information events and as a member of various green bond interest groupsongoing
2.13Support for our clients in preparing and placing green bond transactionsongoing
Lending business with retail customers
2.14Ensuring repayment quota of 99% p.a. in the long term as proof of responsible lending in the private mortgage businessongoing
Customer dialogue and customer support
2.15Development of web-based training for advisors with a focus on sustainable investments by 2018 2018
2.16Further development of the Customer Compass for retail customers by the end of 2018, based on the regulations in the DIN standard for "comprehensive private financial analysis" expected to be released as of 20182018
2.17Continual development of measures and formats for involving customers in the development of new products and services ongoing
Customer communication
2.18Increased marketing communication on sustainability and sustainable financeongoing
2.19Increasing transparent communication: Further reduction in restrictive disclaimers / footnotesongoing
2.20Inclusion of relevant certifications / seals of approval on all printed materials by 20202020
Customer satisfaction
2.21Securing top annual placements of Commerzbank in important independent rankings on customer satisfaction and the quality of customer adviceongoing
2.22Net Promoter Score (customer satisfaction standard) of over 45% on an ongoing basisongoing
Asset management
2.23Further expansion of sustainable asset management product offerings by 20182018
2.24Triple the share of sustainable investments in the total volume of assets under management for retail customers by 20202020
2.25Formulating a target value for the percentage of sustainable product components across all product groups by 20182018
2.26Launch of up to five new sustainable funds for retail customers by 2018 2018
2.27Establishment of transparency on the carbon footprint associated with the retail fund products by 20182018
2.28Development of a sustainability model portfolio in the PremiumFondsDepot by 2019 (proviso: if possible with appropriate asset allocation by 2019)2019
2.29Launch of a sustainable ETF by the end of 2017 2017
2.30Launch of several securities-based savings plans with sustainable investment funds for retail customers by 2018 2018

Environment and Society

Environment: Energy and emissions
3.1Expansion of LEED certification of owned properties, subject to ecological and economic criteria ongoing
3.2Consideration of resource efficiency in all new construction and leased propertiesongoing
3.3Annual budget of at least EUR 200,000 to fund energy efficiency measures in buildingsongoing
3.4Increased use of LED technology in branch and office properties when economically appropriateongoing
3.5Contractual incentives for external facility management service providers to introduce energy saving measures by 20172017
3.6Development of a new climate target by 20192019
3.770% reduction of CO2 emissions of Commerzbank AG Germany by 2020 vs. baseline year of 20072020
3.88% reduction of energy consumption by 2020 vs. baseline year of 20142020
Environment: Green IT
3.9As of 2018, Commerzbank will apply energy efficiency as a criterion in all data centre tender processes2018
3.10As of 2018, Commerzbank will apply energy efficiency as a criterion in all large IT tender processes2018
Environment: Customer communication
3.11Significant improvement of sustainability of all marketing communication to our corporate customers by 20202020
3.12By 2020 the range of materials will consist of 65% sustainable advertising articles. The subscription of materials will be incrementally optimised in terms of CO2 emissions2020
3.13The paper-based calendars and cards will be reduced by 30% by 20202020
Environment: Mobility
3.14Adding sustainability information to travel planning applications (e.g. CO2 emission comparisons of modes of transport) by 20182018
3.15From 2018, all international contract hotels of the Bank must have an environmental programme in place to be included in the hotel programme (implemented in Germany in 2017) 2018
3.16Introduction of a permanent electromobility offering for leasing vehicles / Bank cars available to non-pay scale employees by the end of 20172017
3.17Promotion of environmentally friendly vehicles in company leasing through continual review of bonus/malus regulationongoing
Environment: Resources
3.18Completion of awareness raising measure for employees on environmentally friendly resource consumption in 20172017
3.19Use of environmentally friendly coffee cups in all German locations by 20182018
3.20Increase in sustainable options in canteens and heightened employee awarenessongoing
Social responsibility
3.21Development of a methodology to quantify the value contribution of our social commitment by 20202020
3.22Develop pro bono concept by 2018 and complete pilot project by 20202018 (2020)
3.23Increase quota of employees taking part in loose change initiative to 50% by 20202020
3.24By the end of 2020, Commerzbank will pay out a total of 1 million euros within the programme “Das Grüne Band” to 200 prize winners (associations) as funding for the development of young talents provided directly to the associations2020

Sustainability programme: communication on progress