Our objective: committed employees Our objective: committed employees


Young employees in one of the Commerzbank gardens.

Committed employees are the basis for our success as a bank. We seek to offer our employees a working environment in which they enjoy to work and perform well. That is why Commerzbank has been conducting employee surveys.

Do you enjoy your work? Does excellent performance have an impact on career opportunities in the Bank? Do the different departments and teams work well together? How strongly do you identify with the Bank? These and other questions of this kind give us a picture of the mood among employees. We can then take measures that will lead to an improvement. Employee surveys are a valuable and effective tool for increasing competitiveness.

Up until 2014, Commerzbank regularly collected data on the commitment and motivation of its staff and their willingness to recommend the Bank. Since 2017, surveys have focused on executives and management staff and addressed the issues of digitalisation and the “Commerzbank 4.0” strategy. The plan is to broaden these surveys to include more staff in future and thus devote greater attention to the issue of employee engagement again.