Our objective: committed employees Our objective: committed employees


Young employees in one of the Commerzbank gardens.

Committed employees are the basis for our success as a bank. We seek to offer our employees a working environment in which they enjoy to work and perform well. That is why Commerzbank has been conducting employee surveys.

Do you enjoy your work? Does excellent performance have an impact on career opportunities in the bank? Do the different departments and teams work well together? How strongly do you identify with the bank? These and other questions of this kind give us a picture of the mood among employees. We can then take measures that will lead to an improvement. Employee surveys are a valuable and effective tool for increasing competitiveness.

The best known and most comprehensive survey at the bank is the Commerzbank Monitor. It was made for the first time in 2011 and again in 2014. Based on academic research, it takes into account the special situation of Commerzbank. All employees in Germany and abroad are asked to complete the survey. The managers then receive a report containing the results for their team, on the basis of which they can make improvements in their departments.

One of the aims of the Commerzbank Monitor is to  determine which general parameters boost the employees' commitment so that we can offer them the best possible working environment.