Suitable Offers for Every Situation in Life Suitable Offers for Every Situation in Life



For more than two decades we have continuously expanded our activities around the theme of work-life balance. Today, Commerzbank offers its employees targeted offers for every situation in life.

Flexible working time models

Commerzbank’s flexible working time models provide our employees with the opportunity to bring their working hours in line with their current life situation. Our employees manage their working time individually through various part-time models and sabbatical leave offers.

Managers working part-time

Depending on the living situation, even managers have the desire to reduce their working hours. Commerzbank offers two working time models nationwide which are specifically tailored to the needs of part-time managers: our "Deputy model for managers” (shared professional lead only) and “Top Sharing” (shared professional and disciplinary lead).


We support parents with extensive advice and referral services regarding childcare, education and school issues. In Germany, we have created flexible, company childcare facilities. For the exceptional case, but also in the regular care for children from 0 to 12 years.

Individual subsidies for child care, lectures and workshops on the subject of children's school and education round off the offer.

Parental leave

Continuing your career after taking a family leave? At Commerzbank, this is no problem. Our return guarantee after parental leave goes beyond the legal requirements. Not only do we facilitate employees’ re-entry, we also provide the opportunity to maintain contact with the bank during the parental leave. Through the "Keep in Touch" programme our employees are given a part-time contract during their parental leave for 10 or 20 percent of their normal working hours.

Care of relatives

We support our employees nationwide with offers for the care of relatives. In addition to the so-called care modules, this also includes free consulting and placement services and possibilities for exemption that go beyond the legal requirements. Information and workshop offers for nursing staff as well as subsidies for paid external nursing training events are also part of the offer.

We have already received several awards for our commitment and for many years:

Work and Family Audit

Commerzbank has held “audit workandfamily” certification since 2000 and received a permanent certificate in 2017. The certificate is a quality guarantee for companies with a family and life-phase conscious personnel policy. more

Total E-Quality

Total E-Quality is considered to be the main rating for equal opportunities. This certificate from the association of the same name is awarded to companies that work voluntarily, systematically and over the long term to establish equal opportunities. This is the eighth time we have received this certificate. more

Action plan on the implementation of the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities

As the first bank in Germany, Commerzbank commits to implement material goals and measures, which improve the situation of persons with disabilities in Commerzbank, until 2023. In honour of Commerzbank’s engagement, we received an award from the The Federal Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs in 2018.


Commerzbank's listing in the GenderDAX honours our path regarding "Women in higher specialist and management positions" since 2005. The GenderDAX is in information platform on the internet, which gives highly qualified women a comprehensive overview of employment possibilities and career options in companies. more

Commerzbank is one of the best employees for women

This is the result of a study, which is regularly conducted by the women's magazine Brigitte. Companies were assessed on basis of their activities in the following criteria: Work-life balance, flexibility of work, support at career entry, careers in top-management, importance of career support for women in the company and transparency. Already for the third time, Commerzbank took a top position in the study and was honoured as one of the best employers for women in Germany.