Suitable Offers for Every Situation in Life Suitable Offers for Every Situation in Life


For more than two decades, we are continuously expanding our activities around the theme of work and family. Today, Commerzbank offers its employees targeted offers for every situation in life.

Flexible working time models

Commerzbank’s flexible working time models provide our employees with the opportunity to bring their working hours in line with their current life situation. Our employees manage their working time individually through various part-time models and sabbatical leave offers.

Managers working part-time

Depending on the living situation, even managers have the desire to reduce their working hours. Commerzbank offers two working time models nationwide which are specifically tailored to the needs of part-time managers: our "Deputy model for managers” (shared professional lead only) and “Top Sharing” (shared professional and disciplinary lead).


We support parents with extensive advice and referral services regarding childcare, education and school issues. In more and more places in Germany, we have created flexible corporate childcare facilities for both the exceptional case but also for regular care.

Parental leave

Continuing your career after taking a family leave? At Commerzbank, this is no problem. Our return guarantee after parental leave goes beyond the legal requirements. Not only do we facilitate employees’ re-entry, we also provide the opportunity to maintain contact with the bank during the parental leave. Through the "Keep in Touch" programme our employees are given a part-time contract during their parental leave for 10 or 20 percent of their normal working hours.

Care of family dependants

Furthermore, we support our employees with relatives in need of care with combinable modules. In Germany, Commerzbank is the very first company which offers such a module system to its employees to support the care of relatives. In July 2013, the Commerzbank’s care modules were distinguished with the "Human Resource Management Award 2013" granted by the federal association of human resource managers.