Commerzbank Emphasizes on Electromobility Commerzbank Emphasizes on Electromobility



In November 2015, the car pool of Commerzbank was extended with cars with electric drive. At each of the sites in Frankfurt, Hamburg and Munich three e-cars are available for business trips. Since 70 percent of the normal pool cars are driven on average less than 80 kilometers per day, electric cars offer a suitable and particularly environmentally friendly alternative to cars with combustion engine. The eGolf 7 have a range of around 150 kilometers. Each site has two standard charging stations as well as one quick-charge station at which an electric car is recharged in just 30 minutes up to 80 percent. With a 115 horsepower engine, the electric pool cars reach speeds of up to 140 kilometers per hour and turn out to be full-fledged vehicles with a dynamic and virtually noiseless driving experience.

The electric cars are an additional module in Commerzbank's environment-friendly mobility concept.