Carbon Trust Standard Carbon Trust Standard



In 2015, Commerzbank London was awarded the Carbon Trust Standard certificate for the fourth time in a row for its efforts to reduce its CO2 emissions.

To lower its carbon emissions Commerzbank London carries out different energy efficiency measures: We continually focus on maintaining plant at its optimum efficiency looking at new or more efficient technology when possible and using the Building Maintenance Systems and automated controls to ensure plant runs only when required and within agreed tolerances. We have improved the chillers (building cooling) controls strategy, upgraded the steam humidification to a more effective adiabatic wet system and we continue to install LED lighting where practical and cost effective. By using degree day monitoring we track energy against external influences to monitor and manage energy use.

The Carbon Trust Standard requires participating companies to keep reducing their carbon footprint year-on-year. As Commerzbank London has already introduced the obvious improvements, the biggest challenge is finding new ways to continue this work and further reduce emissions.

To achieve the Carbon Trust Standard companies must measure their direct carbon footprint, prove the establishment of effective CO2 management and document their reduction in emissions over a three-year period. Carbon Trust Standard certificates are valid for two years.