Small donation – big impact Small donation – big impact



“Every cent counts!” is the motto of the Commerzbank spare cent donation. Since December 2016 employees can donate the remaining cents of their monthly salary for a good cause.

Generally, you do not have a round sum on your monthly pay check. Commerzbank employees in Germany can easily donate the amount to the right of the decimal point - between 1 and 99 cents - every month. This is made possible through an automatic procedure in payroll.

Once a year, one project from each category “social projects in Germany”, “social projects abroad” and “environmental projects” is selected. Employees decide the allocation of the total sum in an online-voting. The sum is then distributed to the projects in a ratio of 50:30:20.

What seems like a small amount for each individual sums up to quite a large contribution. In 2019, 5,017 employees of Commerzbank and Commerz Real participated in the donation, contributing 29,569.24 euros to the following three projects:

"Augenblicke" Foundation
Through the engagement of the employees, 14,784.62 euros go directly to the support of the "Augenblicke" Foundation, which has made it its task to support children with the disease "Spina bifida". With this sum, at least two to three children affected can be supported again this year.

"Skill Up!" - The training programme of the "Welthungerhilfe" for young people
Thanks to the donated 8,870.62 euros, numerous young people get the chance to build up their own self dependent existence and a future with perspective. Because education is the key to a good life.

"Right of way for the otter" - Conservation of species in the Main-Kinzig-Kreis
In total, Commerzbank employees donated an amount of 5,913,85 euros to the project "Right of way for the otter". With the help of this donation, the "Gesellschaft für Naturschutz und Auenentwicklung" aims to map a further 17 bridge structures and to draw up action recommendations for passages, that pose dangers to the otters.