Commitment in refugee relief Commitment in refugee relief



Commerzbank engages itself in order to facilitate the start of careers of young refugees who fled to Germany: Since late summer of 2016, it supports the set-up and the development of “Kompass” for three years – the new program of JOBLINGE which aims at the integration of young refugees into the labour market. “Kompass” focuses on the most numerous group of people who have fled to Germany: adolescents between 18 and 25 years with a low or average level of qualification.

In particular, the new program is targeted at the mobilization of self-help potential and the resulting strengthening of self-determination. Volunteer mentors support the young refugees for the whole time of the project. In addition to linguistic and professional skills, the sensitization for intercultural matters is very important.

Employees of Commerzbank are called upon to campaign for “Kompass” as volunteer mentors or language teachers. In order to participate in the preparatory training which is especially conducted by JOBLINGE, they are released from their duties on full pay.


The dedication of Commerzbank is part of “Wir zusammen”, the joint initiative of the German economy which aims at helping particularly young refugees to have a quick integration into the labour market.

Commerzbank is working with JOBLINGE since 2011 in regard to the training sector. More than 180 employees have gained experience as volunteer mentors at the education mentor programme (Bildungspatenprogramm) that started in 2013.

Since 2007, JOBLINGE is helping to give young people a real and qualified opportunity at the labour market. For this programme JOBLINGE has been awarded by the “Deutschlandstiftung Integration“ (Germany Foundation for Integration) in 2014.