Our Cultural Projects Our Cultural Projects


Commerzbank takes part in cultural events through its programme of special projects mainly in the Rhine-Main region.


Kunst privat! – corporate collections open day in Hessen

Kunst privat! An event when some 40 companies open their art collections to the public for one weekend in the year. The Hessen Ministry of Economics, Energy, Transport and Regional Development launched the initiative in 2005 to give art lovers access to public and private corporate collections. Our contribution in 2016: art tours.

Museum Embankment Festival Frankfurt

Frankfurt's Museum Embankment Festival is a three-day celebration of the museums along the Main river, comprising a unique blend of art and culture, music and cuisine. It is one of the biggest cultural festivals in Europe, attracting some three million people with its exceptional museum programme combined with live music and many other events. Our contribution in 2014: guided art tours of the Gallileo Art Tower for families.

'Bahnhofsviertelnacht' Frankfurt

'Bahnhofsviertelnacht' is an annual festival held in the area surrounding Frankfurt's main train station and organised by the city's Press and Information Office. It offers visitors an ideal opportunity to get to know the lively variety of this district. Our contribution in 2014: night-time art tours of the Gallileo Art Tower.