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Commerzbank head office is partly located in the Gallileo Tower which is a work of art in itself. The transparent, 136 metre tall Gallileo Art Tower houses sizeable installations of art by Henrik Schrat, Magdalena Jetelová and James Turrell. There are also works by Carsten Nicolai, Martina Wolf, Eva-Maria Wilde and Hannes Michanek, emerging artists to have received support from the Bank's charitable foundations.


  • Magdalena Jetelová, 'Organic Implants' (Fluchtgeschwindigkeit), 2003: In her works the artist explores, and sometimes criticises, the functionality of everyday objects. Her light installation in the Gallileo Art Tower is inspired by Paul Virilio and visualises the relationship between space and time. Passersby are accompanied by moving light along twelve stairways and bridges. Three more bridges jut out at an angle, looming over the spacious entrance lobby
  • James Turrell, 'Light Shaft II', 2003: Every Wednesday, in the hours of darkness, 'Light Shaft II' by American artist James Turrell illuminates the Gallileo Art Tower from top to bottom. A computer programme controls a slowly changing display of coloured light in the building's central elevator shaft, plunging visitors into a colourful world of green, blue, violet and white.