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Climate change requires decisive action – also in the financial services industry. We have designed a climate strategy that aligns our existing activities with those we plan for the future. Commerzbank has long been active in climate protection. For example, we have been pioneers and one of the world's leading institutions in emissions trading, in the funding of renewable energies and other initiatives. The international climate policy and the successor to the Kyoto Protocol are sources influencing the development of our emissions trading and renewable energies business areas. Last but not least, they affect the general parameters for our corporate customers, such as the obligation to purchase carbon emission certificates.

Commerzbank's climate strategy pursues three objectives. First, the bank aims to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions by 70 per cent until 2020 in relation to base year 2007 and gradually make the bank carbon neutral (68% reduction were already achieved, remaining emissions have been compensated for). Second, it intends to make its core business even more sustainable and develop other innovative climate-relevant products and services. Third, the bank works towards making its staff and general public even more aware of climate change and promote active climate protection.

Implementation of climate strategy - Four main areas of action:

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1. Climate protection as part of environmental management at the bank

A systematic analysis of the sources of emissions as well as of our own carbon footprint is essential when determining the emissions reduction potential and introducing effective measures. Commerzbank is therefore moving away from eco-controlling in favour of CO2 accounting, which involves implementing CO2 substitution measures, such as the gradual switch to green electricity and other CO2 reduction methods.

2. Offsetting unavoidable carbon emissions

Key publications such as the annual report and the sustainability report as well as major events such as the annual general meeting are produced carbon neutral by purchasing and retiring emission reduction certificates from recognised ecologically sound climate protection projects. Since 2015 Commerzbank has been compensating all its unavoidable greenhouse gas emissions.

3. Environmentally responsible products and services in core business

Business areas such as the funding of renewable energies and innovative emissions trading products have great market potential. Commerzbank is expanding them as a matter of priority. Innovative products, such as energy advice, support small and medium-sized corporate customers with regard to climate protection, for example by helping these customers to improve energy efficiency and reduce CO2 output.

4. Communication on climate protection

Commerzbank employs a variety of tools to make the public more aware of climate change. These include a wide variety of information for customers and employees, as well as memberships in climate protection initiatives such as the CDP. Commerzbank is also actively involved in the Climate Change Finance Forum, which was initiated by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) and is run by the German Association for Environmental Management and Sustainability in Financial Institutions (VfU).

Further information

Climate-neutral bank business

Since 2015 remaining greenhouse-gas emissions have been compensated for through the purchase and decommissioning of high-quality CO2 certificates


Commit to action

Commerzbank supports a number of initiatives in the run-up to the UN Climate Change Conference 2015 in Paris.

More information on the initiatives

Support for the Sustainable Development Goals