Climate Neutral Annual General Meeting Climate Neutral Annual General Meeting



The active participation in global social challenges such as climate change is an integral part of the corporate culture and values of Commerzbank. A practical example of our contribution to climate protection is the Annual General Meeting.

Our primary goal is minimizing our carbon footprint. Therefore we are going to reduce the greenhouse gas emissions by 70 percent until 2020 (in relation to base year 2007). This target was already reached in 2018, two years ahead of time. Furthermore, it is part of our climate strategy to compensate for unavoidable emissions by purchasing environmental certificates to finance climate-friendly projects.

The 2019 Annual General Meeting emissions of 152 tons carbon dioxide (previous year: 217 tons CO2) were compensated by the acquisitions of CO2-certificates of the project portfolio "CO2OL CliMates - Mecklenburg-Vorpommern meets Indonesia". It is a combination of the moor rewetting project MoorFutures in the German federal province of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern and a forest protection project in Indonesia. The central Kalimantan biodiversity hotspot is home to an estimated 5-10 percent of the remaining populations of Bornean Orangutans, Southern Bornean Gibbons and Proboscis Monkeys. Protecting this vital habitat helps to conserve many endangered species. All project staff are Indonesian and 80 percent are members of the local community.

Photo: John Couwenberg