Criteria for Project Selection Criteria for Project Selection


Commerzbank compensates the greenhouse-gas emissions caused by its banking operations via investments in selected climate-protection projects. In this regard, the integrity of the emission-reduction projects and that of the certificates generated from these projects are essential in adequately compensating CO2 emission. For this reason, we have adopted clear principles for the selection of the projects, referring to the quality of the certificates, the types of technology employed for the prevention of CO2 emissions, as well as to the countries in which the projects are located:

  • The compensation is effected via CO2 certificates mainly of the type Certified Emission Reductions (CER) that are generated within the framework of the Clean Development Mechanism, which is regulated by the UN. CO2 certificates generated according to voluntary mechanisms can be used for compensation, provided that projects and certificates are verified under the Verra Verified Carbon Standard, Gold Standard or Plan Vivo. In this manner, we ensure that the CO2 reduction has actually taken place or will do so in the future, and is permanent. In addition, it is assured that the CO2 reduction takes place additionally, and would not have been realised anyway. Moreover, with respect to the these standard, the evidence of CO2 reductions which have actually taken place is furnished by independent third parties. When it comes to the compensation of CO2 emissions which are caused within the scope of business flights, we take a step further and involve compensation projects of the highest quality (gold standard).
  • With respect to the selection of the projects, we set great store by a direct bearing on the core business of the Bank. As such, we aim at promoting, in particular, projects in the area of renewable energy and energy efficiency as long as no large industrial projects are involved. Since the maintenance of biodiversity is also important to Commerzbank, forestry projects may also be included to a smaller extent.
  • Although the emissions are primarily caused by the industrial nations, the consequences of climate change are felt firstly and most strongly by the people in less developed countries. For this reason, we aim to primarily support climate-protection projects in developing countries. Up to 20 per cent of the emissions can be compensated for in emerging markets, whereas projects in industrialised countries are excluded. In order to create a link here as well to our core business, preference is given to projects in countries which Commerzbank itself is active.

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