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The English Theatre Frankfurt is the largest English language theatre in continental Europe and since its establishment in 1979 it has become something of an institution on the region's art scene. The theatre moved into Gallileo Tower following its opening in 2003 and has enjoyed a rent-free residency ever since. In 2009 Commerzbank extended the commitment originally made by Dresdner Bank as a key private sponsor.

Commerzbank's patronage over the theatre underscores the company's long-term commitment to education. The English Theatre not only attracts the youngest audience in Frankfurt, it also encourages people to refine their English language skills outside the classroom by offering special packages for schools and teachers. For example, the theatre provides bilingual teaching material and gives students and teachers a moment in the spotlight with its drama club led by theatre professionals.

The English Theatre Frankfurt stages a mixture of classical and contemporary drama, comedies, thrillers and musicals in its 300-seat auditorium. It is visited by native English speakers as well as many German and international guests with a passion for English. The popularity of the featured plays and the quality of the productions have kept audience figures high year after year.

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