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Commerzbank's coaches and their student teams 2015

business@school builds a bridge between business and education. The Initiative aims to inform about business topics in a vivid and practical way in school. Therefore, over a period of one year, pupils are intensively dealing with the topic of business, learning its most important correlations and having regular exchanges with business representatives. Thus, every year more than 2,000 pupils from Germany, Austria, Italy, Switzerland and the United States are given the opportunity to acquire business skills and key skills in three phases of the project.

The learning programme is not only theoretical but also very practical: Besides the case studies on large companies as well as on a small to medium-sized company, pupils also develop their own business ideas. Within a Europe-wide closing event these concepts are presented to public and a specialist jury that selects the best idea.

business@school is an initiative of the business consultancy Boston Consulting Group (BCG) and is supported by Commerzbank's management and employees since nine years. They coach a group of pupils and help in managing the business projects. So far, more than 199 student teams from Germany were supervised by Commerzbank employees. As sparring partners they question the pupils’ analyses as well as their assessments of markets, costs and general assumptions.