Commerzbank educational mentors programme Commerzbank educational mentors programme



The number of school dropouts remains one of the major problems in the educational sector. Offering young people with tough starting positions a perspective for their future is the declared aim of Commerzbank's educational sponsorship programme which has been launched in 2013. The core of the programme is the voluntary support of Commerzbank employees. As mentors, they support and guide young people to prevent school and apprenticeship drop-outs as far as possible and to ensure sustainable integration into the job market and society. For this purpose, employees are prepared with specifically targeted training and they are as well professionally supervised during the mentoring process. Partners of the educational sponsorship programme are certain initiatives that are already active in youth work. With their voluntary engagement, the employees support the work of the charitable institutions. Commerzbank's educational mentor program is an effective way of combining commitment to society and voluntary employee engagement.

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