Sustainability in Figures Sustainability in Figures


Commerzbank aims to provide its stakeholders with information that is as transparent and comprehensive as possible. We have therefore presented various performance indicators relating to our financial, environmental and social objectives. This shows the general public that we take our corporate responsibility seriously. Furthermore, our current Corporate Responsibility Report contains detailed information on key figures relating to sustainability in our fields of activity. We provide a brief overview concerning Commerzbank's sustainability performance in our fact sheet sustainability.

Corporate Governance

Since 2017, Commerzbank has been working on the implementation of the 100 goalsof its Sustainability Programme. This has been completed in 2020 with a last status update.
In 2019, the Reputational Risk Management assessed 5,449 transactions, products and customer relationships in which sustainability considerations played a key role.
Commerzbank is pursuing the Group-wide aim of increasing the proportion of women in leadership positions to 35% across all management levels below the Board of Managing Directors by 2021. In 2019, this proportion stood at 32.5%.
Commerzbank expressly does not tolerate corruption or other criminal acts. As in previous years, no corruption case is known in the Group for 2019.
Inclusion of people with disabilities is an integral part of our diversity strategy. Commerzbank has always exceeded the statutory requirement of 5% employees with severe disabilities since 2014.

Market and Clients

5.1 billion Euro credit portfolio (Exposure at Default) for renewable energies 2019.
Share of our private customers highly willing to recommend us was around 60 percent in 2019 (determined with Net Promoter Score).
12 billion Euro was the total volume of Green and Social Bonds which emissions were accompanied by Commerzbank as Lead Arranger in 2019.
As of December 2019, about 65 percent of our branches were equipped with completely barrier-free access.

Environment and Society

Commerzbank's new climate target is to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions by additional 15% by 2025 compared to 2018. This is equivalent to CO2 savings of 2,600 tons per year. Previously, greenhouse gas emissions in Germany were already reduced by 70% between 2007 and 2018. In addition, Commerzbank has been operating carbon-neutral since 2015.
Our first energy target of "reducing energy consumption by 8%" was significantly exceeded with a decline of 13.2% to 362,27 MWh. Now there are two new energy targets: Total energy consumption is to be reduced by an average of 2% per year by 2025 compared to 2018. In addition, power consumption per full-time employee should be kept constant by 2025 compared to the base year 2018.
For 30 years now, the Commerzbank environmental internship has been in place. In 2020 again, 75 students will complete an internship in one of 27 German national parks, nature and biosphere reserves.
Since 2013, approximately 380 employees supported more than 600 teenagers during our education mentor programme.
1.46 million Euro funding were provided by the foundations supported by Commerzbank in 2019.