2023 Corporate Knights Global 100 2023 Corporate Knights Global 100



Commerzbank is listed for the fifth year in a row in Corporate Knights' 'Global 100 Most Sustainable Corporations in the World Index' (G100), making it the only German bank. Commerzbank is ranked 85th in the 2023 Global 100. Compared to other financial institutions worldwide, Commerzbank ranks 6th.

Key factors for the successful listing are:

  • the large portfolio of renewable energies compared to the competition,
  • Diversity,
  • the consideration of sustainability in variable compensation and
  • the fair treatment of our employees

The goal of the G100 is to establish sustainability in the corporate world and to prove that successful Multi-National Corporations from different sectors can be fiscally responsible, financially successful and oriented towards sustainability. The ranking is carried out on a yearly basis since 2005 with a data analysis of the largest publicly listed companies in the world. They are screened for adequate performance disclosure, good financial health, and responsible business practices, for example through the exclusion of certain companies or methods in the arms industry. The resulting shortlisted companies are scored on a mix and weighting of up to 24 performance metrics, tailored to their sector/peer group. The final G100 represents the top performers from each sector/peer group, with the number from each sector based on the relative size of its global market capitalization.

Corporate Knights is a media, research and financial information products company based in Canada. It has dedicated itself to “clean capitalism”, which means promoting an economic system where prices fully incorporate social, economic and ecological costs and benefits, and market participants are clearly aware of the consequences of their actions.

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