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February 23, 2012

Commerzbank plans measure to improve its capital structure and to strengthen its Core Tier 1 capital


  • Commerzbank plans contribution in kind of hybrid capital instruments, subordinated debt securities and other capital instruments in exchange for a maximum amount of 511,342,904 new shares issued from authorised capital
  • If exchange offer is accepted to the full extent, Commerzbank's Core Tier 1 capital would be increased by more than EUR 1 billion

Commerzbank as part of its capital management has today announced its intention to exchange selected hybrid capital instruments, subordinated debt securities and other capital instruments into shares of Commerzbank AG. For this purpose, Commerzbank has entered into an agreement today with Goldman Sachs International ("the Offeror"/"Goldman Sachs") pursuant to which the Offeror may acquire from qualified investors outside the United States hybrid capital instruments, subordinated debt securities and other capital instruments issued by Commerzbank AG, by companies of the Commerzbank Group or by other companies (HT1 Funding GmbH and UT2 Funding p.l.c.) at prices below par and to be settled with Commerzbank shares.

The Offeror plans to contribute the securities it acquires as a contribution in kind to Commerzbank in exchange for new shares issued from the authorised capital ("genehmigtes Kapital") of Commerzbank. There will not be a placement of the new shares with investors, as qualified holders of the selected securities will receive the shares directly in exchange for the securities tendered. The securities comprise hybrid capital instruments (Trust Preferred Securities, Tier 1 capital) and subordinated debt securities (Lower Tier 2 capital) issued by companies of the Commerzbank Group as well as the Tier 1 capital securities issued by HT1 Funding GmbH and the Dated Upper Tier 2 Capital securities issued by UT2 Funding p.l.c. Commerzbank has agreed with these two companies that the amounts of the contributions in kind of these securities will be applied to reduce the nominal amount of the silent participation in Commerzbank of HT1 Funding GmbH and the Cumulative Profit Participation Securities of Commerzbank held by UT2 Funding p.l.c.

In this context Commerzbank plans a capital increase by means of a contribution in kind of a maximum of 10% minus one share (equalling a maximum of 511,342,904 shares) of Commerzbank's current subscribed capital using Commerzbank's authorised capital. The necessary resolutions, including the ultimate size of the capital increase, are expected to be adopted by the Board of Managing Directors and the Supervisory Board on March 2, 2012. The transaction is not part of the measures announced on January 19, 2012 to fulfil the additional capital requirements of the European Banking Authority (EBA), nor is the transaction necessary to achieve this goal. However, execution of the transaction will further strengthen Commerzbank's Core Tier 1 capital. This will support Commerzbank in reducing the remaining capital requirements set by EBA more quickly.

By executing this transaction Commerzbank intends to take advantage of a favourable market opportunity to further improve its capital structure. Execution of the transaction is expected to lead to a gain in the consolidated results of Commerzbank pursuant to IFRS in the first quarter of 2012. If the exchange offer is accepted to the full extent, Commerzbank's Core Tier 1 capital would be increased by more than EUR 1 billion assuming the XETRA closing price of the Commerzbank share on February 22, 2012 as a calculation basis. Under this scenario, the full volume of available new Commerzbank shares would be issued via the capital increase by means of a contribution in kind. The transfer to Commerzbank of certain securities accepted in the exchange is expected to have positive effects on Commerzbank's Core Tier 1 capital in future years. This is due to the resulting adjustment of the purchase price allocation of the assets and liabilities of the former Dresdner Bank which included these securities.

The German Financial Market Stabilisation Fund (SoFFin) intends to continue to maintain its equity interest ratio in Commerzbank (25% plus one share) upon completion of the transaction. For this purpose, a corresponding portion of the silent participation held by SoFFin is intended to be converted into shares, using the conditional capital authorised in the 2011 Annual General Meeting of shareholders.

The Offeror will invite the holders of the selected capital instruments outside the United States of America who are "qualified investors" within the meaning of the EU Prospectus Directive to submit tenders to the Offeror to exchange the selected securities at the respective fixed exchange prices. In return, the holders of the selected securities will receive Commerzbank shares that will have been issued from authorised capital as a contribution in kind by the Offeror. The price of these shares will be determined based on the average of the daily volume weighted average price in XETRA during the period starting on February 24 and ending on March 2, 2012. In the event that the total volume of securities for which tenders have been submitted to the Offeror exceeds the authorised capital of 511,342,904 shares, the Offeror will accept the tenders on a pro rata basis as set forth in the Exchange Offer Memorandum dated February 23, 2012. The exchange offer period starts on February 23, 2012 and is expected to end on March 2, 2012 at 2 p.m. CET. Joint Dealer Managers are Citigroup, Commerzbank, Goldman Sachs and HSBC.

The aggregate principal amount of all capital instruments outstanding and included in the exchange offer invitation amounts to approximately EUR 3.16 bn.

The exchange offer invitation by the Offeror includes the following hybrid capital instruments, subordinated debt securities and other capital instruments:

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