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27/06/2017 Digitalisation as key cornerstone of Commerzbank 4.0
Commerzbank Digitalisation Workshop – Frankfurt 27 June 2017
PDF, 1.9 MB
08/06/2017 Martin Zielke, CEO
Decent start into 2017 – execution of Commerzbank 4.0 on track
Goldman Sachs – Twenty First Annual European Financials Conference, Madrid
PDF, 999 kB
10/05/2017 Michael Mandel, Member of the Board of Managing Directors
Commerzbank 4.0: simple – digital – efficient
Winning in the German Retail Banking Market
PSBC Workshop for Analysts and Investors, London
PDF, 1.8 MB
On-demand Webcast
09/05/2017 Stephan Engels, CFO
Analyst conference - Q1 2017 results
Presentation for analysts
PDF, 2.7 MB
09/05/2017 Stephan Engels, CFO
Presentation on Q1 2017 figures
Presentation for journalists (in German)
PDF, 2.5 MB
19/04/2017 Michael Mandel, Vorstand Privat- und Unternehmerkunden
Umsetzung Strategie 4.0: Aktueller Stand
Werkstattgespräch Privat- und Unternehmerkunden
(in German)
PDF, 1.4 MB
21/03/2017 Martin Zielke, CEO
Morgan Stanley–European Financials Conference,London
PDF, 2.1 MB
09/02/2017 Presentation for Analysts
Stephan Engels, CFO
Full year results 2016
PDF, 4.1 MB
09/02/2017 Presentation for Journalists (in German only)
Martin Zielke CEO & Stephan Engels, CFO
Full year results 2016
PDF, 4.1 MB
09/01/2017 Commerzbank 4.0 and Q3 2016 results -
Commerzbank German Investment Seminar 2017
PDF, 3.4 MB


General Information

In the general presentation you will find information on the Group and its segments PDF, 2.1 MB

The fact sheet will provide you with an overview of the basic data of Commerzbank PDF, 37 kB .