The brand history of Commerzbank The brand history of Commerzbank


Brand history

Brands have history. Brands make history. Brands live and develop further with the company. A brand encompasses an entire system of colours, imagery and fonts that interact to create a brand image.

This is why since its foundation in Hamburg in 1870, Commerzbank has adapted its trademark several times over the course of time. The arc of history extends from the initials C, D and B (for “Commerz- und Disconto-Bank”), through the C with the wings of Hermes or Mercury, and up to the “Quatre vents” signs in the 1970s. Yellow has been Commerzbank’s colour since the 1950s.

After taking over Dresdner Bank in 2009, Commerzbank evolved its trademark into the “Yellow Ribbon” logo and revived the claim to be “The Bank at your side” in 2012. The relaunch of the brand in 2021 is supporting the transformation of the Bank towards more customer orientation, digitisation, sustainability and profitability.

Logos Commerzbank and Dresdner Bank change in time

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