Press Conference on May 8, 2009 Press Conference on May 8, 2009


On May 8 at 9 a.m. (CET), a press conference on new Commerzbank's strategy and the
Q1 2009 results took place in Frankfurt.

  • Press Release: Roadmap 2012: Commerzbank introduces new strategic, operational and personnel structure more
  • Speech: Martin Blessing, CEO (in German) PDF, 81 kB
  • Presentation Martin Blessing, CEO:
    "Roadmap 2012": Focus, optimization, downsizing
    for journalists (in German) PDF, 294 kB
  • Presentation Dr. Eric Strutz, CFO:
    Q1 2009 results
    for journalists (in German) PDF, 367 kB
  • Presentation Michael Reuther, Member of the Board:
    Corporates & Markets – Building a client-centric German Investment Bank with a European footprint
    for journalists (in German) PDF, 673 kB
  • Interim report as of March 31, 2009 PDF, 416 kB