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April 30, 2007

Changes in Commerzbank's financial disclosure

With effect from 1 January 2007, Commerzbank has modified its financial reporting of market segments and individual items in the income statement as follows:

With effect from Q1 2007, the Asset Management segment will no longer be disclosed separately. This is as a result of the transfer of the Real Estate Asset Management into the Commercial Real Estate segment, as has already been communicated and the sale of the UK Asset Management Company Jupiter, which is planned to be deconsolidated in the third quarter.

In the Q1 Interim Report, the German Asset Management business (COMINVEST) will now be disclosed within the Private and Business Customers segment. Commerz Grundbesitzgesellschaft (CGG) will be included within the Commercial Real Estate segment. The international Asset Management activities will be included in the segment entitled Others and Consolidation.

Furthermore, Foreign Exchange sales revenue will now be disclosed as commission income instead of trading income, in line with the accounting practices of other European peers in the industry.

Finally, a stable portion of Commerzbank AG's global treasury results will be allocated. Previously, only parts of the Group¿s domestic treasury results were distributed across the segments.

In addition, consistent with Commerzbank's disclosure, a non-volatile share of Eurohypo's Treasury result will also be allocated across Commerzbank's respective segments.

Please find more detailed information regarding Commerzbank's revised financial disclosure in the presentation PDF, 1.3 MB .