Annual General Meeting Annual General Meeting



Commerzbank's Annual General Meeting 2018 will take place in Frankfurt/Main on 8 May 2018.

Agenda and Explanations
Invitation to the Annual General Meeting 2017 with explanations regarding the rights of the shareholders PDF, 1.9 MB
Total number of shares and voting rights
PDF, 42 kB
Explanation regarding item 1 of the agenda PDF, 44 kB

Resumes of the candidates for election to the Supervisory Board
Sabine U. Dietrich PDF, 585 kB
Dr. Tobias Guldimann PDF, 598 kB
Dr. Rainer Hillebrand PDF, 596 kB
Dr. Markus Kerber PDF, 584 kB
Anja Mikus PDF, 585 kB
Dr. Victoria Ossadnik PDF, 565 kB
Dr. Stefan Schmittmann PDF, 535 kB
Robin J. Stalker PDF, 569 kB
Nicholas Teller PDF, 582 kB
Dr. Gertrude Tumpel-Gugerell PDF, 580 kB

Annual Report 2017
(contains the Group Financial Statements, the Group Management Report (incl. details pursuant to Art. 315a of the German Commercial Code and explanatory report) for fiscal year 2017 and the Report of the Supervisory Board)
PDF, 7.6 MB
Financial Statements and Management Report 2017
(incl. details pursuant to Art. 289a of the German Commercial Code and explanatory report)
PDF, 2.4 MB
Corporate Governance report including remuneration report PDF, 326 kB
Disclosure of the individual participation of the Supervisory Board members in meetings PDF, 31 kB
Articles of Association of Commerzbank Aktiengesellschaft PDF, 104 kB
Invitation Annual General Meeting
PDF, 287 kB

Video webcast
Here you will be forwarded on 8 May 2018 to the live streaming of our AGM starting at 10 a.m. CET (Opening and speeches)
(Afterwards available as recording)

Countermotions/Election Proposals
Here you will find the countermotions/election proposals from shareholders more


Further ínformation about the route PDF, 220 kB


Access to the internet-based voting, proxy and instruction system

AGM Hotline

General shareholders meeting hotline:

Tel. 0800 800 4525
(calls from Germany)

Tel. +49 89 210 27 277
(international calls)

Monday to Friday (except on holidays) 8am to 5pm